Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We are under another blizzard warning. So crazy. I took this picture about 10 minutes ago looking out my front door, and now I can't even see across the street. We have winds over 50 mph, the power is flickering, it's a little nuts.

Looking onto the deck. The snow is about 1/3 up the sliding glass door. Those are the deck charis hiding under the mounds of snow.


As long as we don't lose electricty, I love it!! I love having my husband and all the kids home, I don't even know what day it is anymore. He hasn't been at work since last Wednesday. I love it when God forces us to be still. To stop the busyness of our every day lives and just enjoy being together at home. I have been reading this book to the girls. We never tire of the Little House series.
As I was typing this, we lost power for over an hour. The temperature inside the house only dropped one degree during that time, which is hopeful that if it goes out again, we should stay warm for a while. Fortunately, we had turned the gas fireplace on before the power went out, and of course it continued to burn without electricity.
We are all snuggled in waiting out this second blizzard in one week. Pray that we don't lose power again!!


Karen said...

That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Snow!!!!!

Wendy said...

WOW--that's crazy! Two blizzards in a week's time? I've never seen SO much snow!! Stay warm and safe!

Nana said...

I HOPE YOU GUYS STAY WARM AND THAT YOU DON'T LOSE POWER. I have to admit I am glad it is you and not me. I would not have your good attitude about it. I can handle storms when we are hot but I don't do well in the cold. It is almost as bad as a hurricane. Not so much destruction, but certainly stops everything from working. Stay safe and keep enjoying it.