Saturday, February 13, 2010


When you get five thousand inches of snow in one week, how could I resist going snow skiing AGAIN?? I don't think school is ever going to re-open again anyway, so we decided to take the kids skiing on Friday at a more local place. Me and my friend "Jo" braved it and took seven kids skiing alone. Of course when there are such prime ski conditions, and no school, everyone and their uncles had the same idea we did. The staff said that it was the second busiest day they had ever seen. After what could be called nothing less than sheer torture of standing in lines for over two hours, sweating while dressed in ski clothes, lugging ski boots, skis, poles, and a whiny preschooler (and whiny 14 year old for that matter), (and add in a touch of PMS on my part), we finally made it to the slopes and it was ALL..... WORTH..... IT.....

Banana had earned the nickname "Red" last weekend because her snow clothes were all red, her helmet had red straps, even her skis were black and red. We cracked up when she put on her rental helmet yesterday and what was plastered across the top?? RED!!! Although, strangely written in blue. This little girl amazes me at her coordination level. She picks up any kind of physical activity like she has done it her whole life. She was going down slopes that I would never dream of! (We found out today, that she "accidentally" went down a black diamond.... and lived to survive, and be very proud of that fact).
The brave duo.
And Punkin got to hang out with her friends and enjoy a day of freedom on the slopes! And yes, Maddie (herein known as Poe) in her signature white baggy t-shirt. At least it had long sleeves this time.
Boo was incredible yesterday! Momma was finally brave enough to let her try skiing completely
on her own. So I took her to the bunny hill, where she LOVED riding the "magic carpet" that took her back to the top. After showing her the little bit I know, she was able to do this!!

So, then I decided to get her into a private lesson. Now there is no stopping this kid. Her instructor was amazing, and in an only hour, she had her skiing by herself down the slopes that I take! I didn't get video of her plowing down at full speed cause I was too busy breaking out in a cold sweat. But at least now she won't be taking out everyone around her when she goes down.

And after enduring all the agony of the morning, we skiied until we could ski no more, well into the night. Now I'm hooked on night skiing. For the first time since living in MD, I don't want winter to end!!Photobucket

And of course, my dear Poe always keeps me in stitches. Check out her solution to not having her snow boots handy. Yep, that would be ski gloves on her feet. PhotobucketPhotobucket

She looked like a turkey walking around with her finger-toes flopping around.


Wendy said...

YAY--good for you! Boo is absolutely amazing! Glad you were able to enjoy the slopes again!! Looks like lots of fun!

Nana said...

Wow. Emily is amazing. What a fun sport to take up living where you do. You might even like it in Minn. now. Does Madison EVER get cold. That girl is nuts.