Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The girls have been enjoying listening to the audio version of "The Doll People" - a story about a 100 year old classic wooden dollhouse come to life!! Annabelle Doll is an eight-year-old, and has been since she was made some 100 years ago. Part of a family of eight, Annabelle lives her little-girl doll existence - being played with, avoiding The Captain (her owner's cat), and most of all avoiding being seen as alive. However, when she discovers the journal of Auntie Sarah, who has been missing since 1955, she decides to find out what happened to her. Photobucket

Things become better when her owner's little sister receives the Funcraft Doll House, complete with a brand new plastic family - neighbors. Annabelle, who must be cautious, to protect her china body, makes great friends with Tiffany Funcraft, who is wild and adventurous, with her unbreakable plastic body. Together the girls dare all (or a lot anyway), to find Auntie Sarah.
This book has an absolutely fantastic story. The author succeeds in keeping the main characters in character as dolls, showing their unique existence.
My girls have the classic wooden dollhouse - and we were given a "Funcraft" style plastic dollhouse by a friend - so they have enjoyed playing with the two houses as "neighbors" as they listen to the story.
Written in the style similar to Toy Story - it really makes one wonder what goes on with those toys when no one is looking!
It's hysterical to hear these 100 year old wooden dolls talk about their new neighbors - The "Funcrafts" and how wild and irresponsible they are with their indestructible selves. It's a sweet contrast of cherishing those things that are old and classic, like the wooden doll family, with the brash carefree modern families that have such different views on life.
(Hey! This bathroom looks suspiciously familiar - icky white tiles and blue walls???) I think it needs a re-do :)Photobucket
I recommend this book to everyone with a daughter, or anyone who loves dollhouses!


Nana said...

So much fun. I used to love my doll house when I was little and all my dolls were alive to me. Get busy and redo that little bathroom.

Jennie said...

I don't have any little girls anymore but I want that book, where'd you get it?

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Jennie - We checked out the audio version from our local library. It's a chapter book - they have it on Amazon. It's a very sweet, fun and hysterical book! Geared towards Banana's age level - she has been listening for hours on end this morning and still going strong!

I was thinking of Grandma Barbara's dollhouse - do you remember that?

Erin Gaeng said...

I love the doll house and will keep that book in the back of my mind for when my Anna Margaret is big enough to enjoy it! I have given her my collection of Madame Alexandar dolls- as a child I used to pretend they came to life and lived in our house at night :)

Wendy said...

I want to come play--looks like so much fun!! I have a dollhouse that's been in a crate for 20 years--a special gift from my parents on my 10th BDay. I always thought I'd give it to my daughter, but with 2 boys and no more children planned, I'll save it and share it with my granddaughter(s) one day...a LONG time from now :)!!! Thanks for sharing--your stirred up some memories from a VERY long time ago :)

Jennie said...

I do remember Grandma Barbara's dollhouse - loved it, was mesmorized by it and thought I'd like to have one of my own like it someday.

Karen said...

I love your dollhouse! It's so detailed! No more dollhouses here....sounds like a fun book but I don't think Austin would enjoy me reading it to him :)!! But he would like all the little lights in the dollhouse that you have! I remember Barbara's dollhouse and I remember going with her and Marion to those antique stores while she looked for pieces for it. I wonder where it is....

janet said...

What a whimsical and sweet sounding book! Love the dollhouse too!