Saturday, April 3, 2010


Finally - after living in this house for five years - we finally have a small patio. It was one of those things right on the top of the list to do as soon as we moved in, but then, life happens, ya know? I was thinking yesterday about the gorgeous weekend we were supposed to have and knowing I would want to be doing some yard work - but what? It was then that I decided that I was just going to DO IT!! I went to Lowe's and just got all the stuff and brought it home, knowing that was really the only way to get it done. That was no small task. Two very helpful Lowe's employees, a very slow drive home, three of my kids, and two neighbor kids later - we finally had it all loaded, unloaded and in the backyard, ready to go!! The hubs was SOO happy when he got home. :)
He lovingly (???) dug up all the grass last night to prepare for today's project. I didn't get a true before picture - but just imagine that square area all grass just like the rest of the yard. This was this morning right after we started pouring the TEN 50 lb bags of paver sand.
Two landscape timbers, ten bags of sand, three bags of gravel and 25 16-inch pavers later - we have a patio!!
I'm hoping this will at least keep SOME of the dirt, grass, mulch and mud off the carpet in the basement when the five assorted dogs and children tromp in and out fifty thousand times a day this summer. Thank you hubby.


Karen said...

Lookin' good! And yes, it will help with the dirtys that get tracked in!

Nana said...

Looks Great!

Wendy said...

Great job--looks wonderful!