Saturday, April 17, 2010


This week our history lessons mostly consisted of me reading to Banana. When I read to the girls, I prefer for them to be doing something with their hands. I really think it helps them to listen better. Banana made stained glass art with our 10,000 tissue paper squares. - remember those? Anyone have any other suggestions for what to do with them?
Simply tape down a piece of contact paper to the table and lay the squares overlapping each other on the contact paper.
It should look like this - you can always just tear regular tissue paper just as easily for this craft.
This is the book I was reading from for this weeks history lesson while she was crafting. This is THE BEST book for kids for a broad overview of history. It is so engaging. Sometimes we read this in the evenings as a family - it's one we all can enjoy. I highly recommend it - it's part of the Calvert School Curriculum. Which is also something I'm looking into for next years curriculum. Has anyone used Calvert?
You then fold the contact paper over onto itself to seal it, and cut out whatever shape you like!!
Where else can you do school work in such a sunny spot while getting advice from your favorite furry friend??


Wendy said...

Tissue paper idea: On a piece of white paper place a variety of squares (no need to glue). Gently spritz with water and allow to dry (does take a while). When dry the squares "fall off" leaving behind a beautiful tie dye paper. Note: this only works with craft tissue paper, not gift tissue paper. Let me know if you try it and how the finished products look.

Karen said...

I was thinking decoupage a trinket box....

Stephanie said...

I started looking at Calvert last year, but haven't made any decisions yet.

Kimberly said...

We also love the Child's History of the World. We got it with our Sonlight curriculum and really enjoyed it.