Thursday, April 8, 2010


Banana is really enjoying this book! (Thanks to Warrior Chic!!) It's called Art Fraud Detective.
It's a great way to teach about art history, visual discrimination, and deducing to solve a mystery - so much fun!! It comes with a magnifying glass to try to spot the "fraud" piece of art compared to the original.
Another great new book is this Material World. It's a great social studies lesson, and full of incredible photography - 16 of the world's foremost photographers traveled to 30 nations to live for a week with families that are statistically average for that nation. At the end of each visit, photographer and family collaborated on a remarkable portrait of the family outside of their home, surrounded by all of their possessions - a few jars and jugs for some, an explosion of electronic gadgetry for others. This is one of the books that you "just leave lying around" and the kids think it's the coolest thing ever when they discover it.
Here is an example of one of the pictures of a family and all their belongings.
And this book!!! Oh my - Punkin found it in her Easter basket, and it's hardly been out of her hands since. The entire book is a maze - I can't even wrap my brain around it, but she can't seem to put it down.
Depending on which clue you choose to follow - you go through that door to the next clue as you flip back and forth through the pages. She still hasn't solved the puzzle, which is shocking. There isn't much that can stump that girl.
Banana and I read this book yesterday practically all in one sitting - Paddle to the Sea. It was a very intriguing story, and she learned SOOO much about the Great Lakes in the process (without even realizing she was learning - thats the best!!!) It was a story about an Indian boy who carved a toy canoe with an indian sitting inside and sent it on a journey to the sea with a message carved in the bottom. It was a great story - highly recommended!!
Banana is very interested right now in learning how to type (like Mom does - without peeking at her fingers - and fast!!) - this is a great program - Typing Instructor Deluxe. She loves it and it is a great way to learn to type correctly. (Blue Bunny watching from behind is optional).
Sssshhhhh!!! Don't tell Nana I posted this - she is still asleep. I couldn't resist sneaking a picture of this sweet moment with Boo and Nana. We are so glad Nana is here for a visit from Florida. She arrived very early this morning and hasn't had much (if any) sleep in the past 24 hours!!
I know that paybacks could be severe for this. I love you Nana. :)


Karen said...

You will laugh. I just read Paddle to the Sea to Austin last week and am passing it to Travis now. He still loves to be read to and we liked it because we've been to the shores of some of the places in the book and it was a great geography lesson for a Minnesota boy!

Nana, you look very peaceful snuggled up to that precious bundle!

{LyndsD} said...

Hi! I found this post through one of your Weekly Wrap Up post from this week. I am SO glad that I did! We LOVE new books and these ones look fantastic! While reading I excitedly went through our online hold system for our library and was able to find all but "Maze". We can't wait to get these so we can start reading them and solving the mysteries. Thank you so much for sharing these titles. :) I really can't wait to get the Art Fraud Detectives. It sounds like it goes with the art history we studied last year. I can't wait to grow on that. Thank you!