Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I recently came across a website called Lakeshore Learning. They have so many great products and ideas on there. I ordered these tissue paper squares - I have so many homeschool ideas of things to do with them. But I AM slightly terrified that this box will be dropped at some point. Ten thousand tissue paper squares - can you just imagine???PhotobucketPhotobucket
Of course Boo wanted to make the rainbow that she saw on the front of the box.
This brought back memories of being in 2nd or 3rd grade and doing this myself. I'm amazed at how long my girls will sit and create. I think they got that from their Nana.
Banana made this lovely bird - it's a purple finch - but did you know that they aren't purple?



Can I play too?
You have the sunniest homeschool
atmosphere, so colorful and engaging!

Nana said...

You are so creative. You have inspired me to try again. I especially like the part of if he doesn't want to do it, don't. That works for me. I love what they have made from those tissue squares. I think I would glue the box down to something so they couldn't tip over. I showed Steph the stuff you got and she is getting some of it. He will especially like those magnetic gears. Tell Hannah I got a new little book about birds today.

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Aw - thanks Stacey!! Of course you can play, you have a standing invitation.

Nana - you definitely have the luxury during the preschool years of just doing what works for you guys. If he isn't interested, don't push it. It will help develop a love for learning while he is young.

Anonymous said...

Such fun! There's a Lakeshore Learning in Parkville or Towson, I've heard :)