Monday, April 5, 2010


What a perfect Easter Sunday we had! I don't think we have had such a warm sunny day in the ten years we have been here. We enjoyed our resurrection cookies in the morning and then went off to church. It was so funny to see my BFF walk in the door wearing almost the identical dress I was wearing - we do this ALL the time - you know what they say - great minds think alike. After church we had a nice ham dinner at home, we decorated Easter cupcakes to share with the neighbors, and the girls hunted for eggs - all. day. long. I think we had about 25 egg hunts. Boo just wanted us to hide them over and over, and we did! One of the best parts of the day was when the puppies discovered that we were hiding REAL eggs in the backyard, and they joined the search. Then we had about 16 egg hunt rounds for the boys - they are REALLY good at finding eggs, and smashing them, and eating them too, until they were all gone. It was such a nice relaxing family day, just being together and hearing Boo tell us the story of the cross. There just is nothing more precious than hearing that story through the eyes of a very bright four year old. We ended the day with just the hubs and I having an evening walk, and then sitting out back on the swing and watching night fall - while listening to the kids inside through the open windows.
It was a perfect day.


Karen said...

Cute dresses! That's funny that you and Joanne dressed the same! I loooove Hannah's dress too - did she pick it out? Happy Easter!

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

I know - isn't that funny? I'm surprised you don't have the same dress too Karen!! Yes, Hannah picked her own dress - everyone did - so much easier that way.

Nana said...

Love all the dresses. Boy is Richard ever lucky. He shares his home and life with 4 beautiful women. Glad you had a good Easter.
See you Thursday.