Tuesday, April 14, 2009


All of you Floridians will get a giggle seeing us in our coats on the beach!!
This time of year you can find some great sea shells!
We had a great girls only trip to the beach with our good friends the Webbs!
We even found a sand dollar! We learned while we were in Jamaica that the reason it is this color is because it is either still alive, or has been alive recently. They don't turn white until they die and completely dry out.
Sweet Julia at dinner one evening.
We even met up with our friends the Vogels who have a beach house in Ocean City.
For some reason, Miss Boo thought that if you go to the beach, then you get cotton candy. I have no clue how she made this connection, but she NEVER stopped talking about finding cotton candy. It was much more difficult than one might think to find cotton candy during off-season at the beach. BUT, we finally managed to find some, and her trip to the beach was then complete!
Walking down the historic Rehobeth Beach boardwalk!
Soaking up some sun (yes, in our coats).
Whoa Maddie!! How did you get so tall?
We found a sweet little make-up boutique and had some girly fun in there!! All the girls had a little make-over. Emily chose purple eye shadow AND purple lip gloss. Now that's my diva!
And to finish off our trip, I hopped into the driver's seat after loading up the van to find this lovely little visitor on the steering wheel. (It was a recently acquired toy snake). I just about jumped out of my pants, which was followed by six giggling girls - you would have thought I had BOYS back there instead of girls!!

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Florida Girl said...

This trip looks like it was so much fun. You are right about the coats--that REALLY made me laugh. We had some big plans for Spring Break too but my Todd and his health had other plans and we spent the whole time in seclusion, the hospital and the doctor's offices.

Very cute pictures and I wish Brooke would have been there with Emily to put that makeup on. haha

Jennie said...

I've never seen anyone wearing a winter coat at the beach it's funny. Chelsea and Boo think alike on the cotton candy thing.

Karen said...

Those pics are so cute! The girls all look like they had a blast and they didn't care that it was a little chilly. There's never a bad day as long as you're at the beach!

Anonymous said...

What fun, Heather! And just think, next year you can go on vacation any time you want to, regardless of school schedules. Vacations are so cheap in September and January.

Nana said...

It looks like it would be warm. It is very pretty and everyone looked like they had a great time even though it wasn't warm. At first I thought you snuck over to a Florida beach and didn't tell me. Ha! Glad you were able to go to the beach on Spring break.

Wendy said...

I love the beach pictures and agree 100% with Karen--there's never a bad day at the beach!!

Alice said...

you gotta admit - the snake on the steering wheel was a clever touch :O)

i love the boardwalk shots - reminds me of the old days at Jax Beach - wow - and the ones with the girls on the broken pier (?) i think that's what that was. and, yes, here in Florida we don't wear winter coats to the beach, so you have us there :O) looks like a great, fun time! thanks for sharing it with us.