Monday, April 13, 2009



Her very first curls!!

All my sweet Easter girls with their baskets! (and yes, she is taller than me now!)

It looks all sunny and warm but it was FREEZING!!

Some Easter love from the boys.

Every year at Easter it seems I manage to capture the classic "personality pose". This year, even the dog's personalities are showing!

Happy Easter from the O'Steen Family!

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Nana said...

You certainly did capture the personality of each. Especially the one you "always" capture. These are beautiful girls and even the dogs are beautiful. I love Emily's curls. They all are so pretty each in their own and different way. Love the pictures. I have been waiting for these to post.

Alice said...

i love your pictures! that second one of Emily is priceless! and i can't believe how tall your oldest shot up- :O) - funny how they do that! your dogs are so sweet - how do you ever get anything done at your house?

Florida Girl said...

I love these and miss you guys. Great photos and priceless "personalities!" haha

Jennie said...

OH MY WORD! These are precious. Love the curls. They are all so pretty. You have to get Skype so we can talk to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Heather, they're adORable! Love those shots with the puppies, too. How sweet.

Kimberly said...

So glad you put pics up! I checked 3-4 times yesterday hoping they were on the way! :) I can't believe how much the second pic of Emily looks like Kirsten when she was little. I remember her making that same face!!!

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Thanks everyone!! Kimberly - I was thinking that SAME thing all day on Sunday!! She reminded me sooo much of Kirsten at that age. I think it was the curls. I used to curl Kirsten's hair all the time, remember? When she looked so much like her, it made me realize how much Emily acts like her too!!

maddie said...

that color pink accents really well with Hannahs skin! And o my gracious i love that dress that kirsten is wearing... american eagle? emilys curls!! they look really good, and i really laughed out loud when i sawl the picture of all three of them showing there true emotions PRICELESS. Loved them all, Happy Easter