Sunday, April 5, 2009


This was Hannah's first year at the Ballet Academy at MCPA. She had done some classes when she was younger, but now she is getting a little more serious about dance. Today she participated in the Achievement Awards where she was able to perform a little bit of what she has been learning this year. This was a HUGE accomplishment for her, because her very least favorite thing in the world is to perform in the spotlight..... alone. We shed a few tears leading up to the show, but she conquered her fears and went out there and did her very best. We are SOO proud of our little brave ballerina.
Hannah's best buddy Madison.
My brave girl.
Hannah and Madison look up to the Burnham girls - they are great dancers (and wonderful friends)!
A final curtsy.
Applause for Hannah for doing so well on her written test of ballet terms.

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Nana said...

Hannah, You are absolutely beautiful. Congrats on doing such a good job. Nana is VERY Proud of you.

Florida Girl said...

Hannah--we are so proud of you here in Florida! Way to go. That takes sooooo much courage and you did it!! Brooke LOVES these photos so much and has looked at them over and over. See--she is now looking up to you.

Great photos Hannah's Mom!!

Jennie said...

Miss Hannah, you are one BEAUUUUUTIFUL ballerina. Aunt Jennie understands those tears. It is no fun being in the spotlight with everyone's eyes on you but it always feels way worse before than it actually turns out to be in the end. The sense of accomplishment is always worth what you go through before. Aunt Jennie is so proud of you.

Wendy said...

Hannah, congratulations on overcoming your fears and dancing wonderfully for all! You are a gorgeous ballerina! Noah absolutely LOVES the pix--he says you're "very pretty" and misses you!

casey ryan said...

Hannah bear - Aunt Kiki is sooooo proud of you for dancing in front of everyone. And you look SO BEAUTIFUL on top of it! I think you should keep dancing - you're a lovely ballerina.

Alice said...

Hannah is so beautiful! and congratulations on doing so well with your terms test!

Thanks for visiting my page. The Easter pageant was awesome! Happy Easter to you and your family :O).