Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Today, Hannah did a book report on "Little House in the Big Woods". She was dressed as Laura, and Emily was dressed as little sister Carrie. Aren't they the cutest little prarie girls ever? I made these costumes about six years ago originally for Kirsten and Hannah. I can't believe how time flies. Emily doesn't look thrilled in these pictures, but she was counting down the hours until she could go help Hannah "do her report" at school. And for some reason, Hannah would NOT put her bonnet on her head. She is still just as cute though!
We received a very mysterious package today, with no return address. I was so delighted to open it up and discover FOUR bags of raw peanuts.....hmmmm...... somebody knows how much I LOVE boiled peanuts, and that they are not to be found anywhere in these northern parts. Most people around here have never even HEARD of a boiled peanut. We can't even find (very easily) raw peanuts that I can boil at home. So, the girls and I were thrilled to throw those peanuts in a pot and set them on the stove to boil!! I was so excited that I didn't think to take a picture of them until after the two bags had been opened!! Now the house is full of that wonderful summer time smell of boiled peanuts!! (Sorry, Beth, but it really does smell good). And thank you to that mystery person who sent us the peanuts - you know who you are, and I have a feeling she lives in Ohio!!!

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Florida Girl said...

Those costumes are adorable and those little sweet girls are beyond precious!! I love those pictures so much and Emily's face is priceless.

Peanuts sound so yummy to me right now. I may just have to boil some!

Nana said...

Those are two very cute girls. The costumes are really cute too. I love that sweet Hannah has been so active doing things she wouldn't normally do and doing such a good job at it. Taking her little sister as a prop what a cute idea. I am glad you got peanuts in the mail and we like them too, but I certainly don't think they SMELL good. But I am glad you guys enjoy the smell.
Emily's expression is adorable.

Wendy said...

Hey--I remember those adorable dresses that you made! Those were made back in the days when we STILL lived in MD! The girls look adorable!

I'm so happy that the boiled PNuts are being enjoyed by all! Better that your home smells "yummy" rather than mine!

Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Love those costumes! I always loved the Little House books as a kid (ok, I'll admit that I still read them). In refusing to wear her bonnet, maybe Hannah was just getting into character - Laura could never keep bonnet on either! haha

Never heard of boiled peanuts. How long do you boil them?

Kimberly said...

I remember when you made the costumes! Hard to believe that Hannah has shifted to the bigger one! What a precious picture!

And you know I CAN'T STAND the smell of boiled peanuts..ewwwww. :)

Jennie said...

I love those costumes. What priceless pictures.