Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am so honored to be allowed to capture sweet baby "A" every month of his first year! This is my favorite little guy at two months. His mommy's pregnant pictures were posted here on my blog too! I could just eat him up!
Happy baby.....
NOT happy baby.
He likes it much better in Mommy's arms. Don't you love his little hat?
All tuckered out.
A cozy rainy day at the Inner Harbor (they have the most AMAZING new townhome right on the water at the harbor).

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Florida Girl said...

He is so sweet and his Mommy is beautiful.

Jennie said...

I canNOT keep looking at your pics of babies, you always make me want one.

Kimberly said...

The last picture is one that really speaks...How beautiful!

Karen said...

The last picture is beautiful (well they all are, but that one especially and I love the rain on the window)

Holly said...

What a GORGEOUS baby! I love his little hat! Too cute!

maddie said...

I was just thinking that he had really beautiful eyes! And then i sawl the picture of his mom and i understood why! really great pictures and i also really like the pictures with the harbour in the backround!

Alice said...

i love the last shot! how beautiful and the baby is dead to the world. i love it!