Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I got a call first thing this morning, it was a "we need pictures NOW" kind of call. Our school is in it's first year of having two campuses, an upper school and a grammar school, which is the way classical schools are usually run. We have an open house for the upper school next week and are in the process of putting together brochures, etc. to be printed for it. It was discovered that since this is the first year for our upper school, we had very few pictures to be put into publication. (Which needed to go to press today). So, Emily and I ran up to the school (she had fun hanging out in the office), and I had so much fun snapping away. Here are a few of my favorites that I took during chapel. ALL RESPONSIBILITY goes to Pam for inspiring the idea for this first picture. It's one of Kirsten's friends playing the piano for chapel today, he is incredibly talented. Check out Pam's piano picture on her blog It's way better than mine!


Wife and Mom said...

I am honored to be mentioned but your pics are really great! Those look like they belong in publications, honestly. The reds are so beautiful in the pictures and it looks like you have a fantastic school.