Thursday, January 10, 2008


My birthday present finally arrived!! (Thank you hubby!) I got a new speedlite 430EX for my camera. It's still a learning curve for sure, but here are some pictures from today that I got with the new flash. It's amazing to me how they don't look "flashy". I'm lovin this new little guy!! These probably aren't the best examples of this incredible speedlite, but they are fun. Of course, I have an extremely unwilling subject, so I just had to chase her around the house to practice. This is the usual pose that I am allowed to capture. Not so very attractive. She thinks its all one big game when I pull out the camera. She actually calls it "hide me seek". Here's how it works "When Mommy pulls out her camera, I throw myself on the floor and or I run away. Eventually Mommy finds me and tries to persuade me into sitting still, or to at least looking in her direction. I take off running again and see if I can find another hiding place. This little flashy thing is helping Mommy catch pictures of me, making this game a little shorter than it used to be. This wasn't the best hiding place, she still got a decent picture. Eventually, the promise of a lollipop will usually do the trick and I'll give in and give her a two-second smile. She actually caught it this time. Let's do this again sometime Mom!" Funny, huh!? Poor Mom is sweating at this point, and wandering why I torture myself this way. One day I will look back on all these crazy photos and be so incredibly grateful that I play this game of cat and mouse.