Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yep, it's official. Our little baby girl has her first pair of heels. She is going to the Winter Formal at school. We had so much fun shopping with her friends and their moms for their dresses. Kirsten found the deal of the day, and her dress cost a whopping $4.80 - thats right!! FOUR BUCKS!!! Gotta love the clearance rack. It's as cute as can be (probably not the word she would choose)- this is the dress in the background, bright red with black trim. You'll have to wait to see a picture of the dress when she has it on next Friday! I have been asked to be the official photographer for the Formal!! YEAH!!


Nana said...

Love the shoes. First Dance??? Oh My Gosh. No more a baby. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.