Thursday, January 10, 2008


Monday was a big day for Miss Emily!! For the very last time, we took the crib rails off the crib and put up the little toddler rails. It was a little bit sad, but mostly exciting. She was so excited, she kept climbing on while I was still trying to get everything screwed together!! The first nap was a little rough, she fell out before she even fell asleep and we had tears. I think we have threatened her with an inch of her life to NOT GET OUT OF BED. We have had three naps, and three night-nights, and so far so good - she has stayed IN BED!! It's so strange to think that we will have no more cribs in this house, 13 years of putting up and taking down cribs, its hard to imagine. My little baby girl is starting to officially be a big girl!! Now, on to the potty training for the very LAST time!