Friday, January 25, 2008


As a New Years resolution, I have decided to do the good 'ol 365 project. I'm going to try to take at least one picture every day for the next year. My goal is to really, really improve my photography skills, as well as my post-editing techniques. I also have discovered how much fun it is to blog, it's so much better than scrapbooking (can you say UGH?). So, after a year I can just print this all out and put it in an album! It will be a great memory of the year for our family, and hopefully, I can look back at January and think, geez, those pictures were really crummy compared to how great they look now! This is a picture I took when the kids were out sledding in our neighbors yard.


Wife and Mom said...

Please tell me that you will post your pics every so often. You know I am addicted, right? Don't hold out on me now. haha

Neat project, maybe I will borrow this idea. I probably could benefit as well.

Wife and Mom said...

Had to come back and say that it just dawned on me that you have switched the background to black and changed a few other things around. It looks awesome, I really think it makes your pictures pop and this is my favorite for my page too.