Saturday, March 3, 2012

National Aquarium - Part One

The girls came home from school this week super excited about spending their day off of school on Friday at our local National Aquarium in Baltimore. Their music teacher at school, Mrs. Phillips also volunteers at the aquarium and she was going to be working that day diving in the tanks and feeding the fish. I took a few of Banana's friends and we had an incredible time!

Fishy kiss....

Fishy kiss....

Fishy kiss.....

No fishy kiss.....

Go gators!!!?????

It was so much fun for the girls to see their teacher in the tanks - - one of them commented about how they could see the pure joy on her face.  Mrs. Philips was born on a tropical island and has been scuba diving her whole life.  She spends a lot of time volunteering at the aquarium.

It was a very fun and interactive experience -- my Boo was fascinated the entire time....  Look how thick that glass is!

Teachers make everything a learning experience - - they spelled out messages back and forth to each other.

Can you see the clam shell in her hand?  They brought up several treasures for the girls to keep, sting ray teeth (who knew?), clam shells and sea shells.

They even learned quite a bit about scuba diving!

Part two - coming up! 


Gaga said...

Wow! Great pics and I know the girls loved it.