Monday, March 26, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

We finally had time for Hannah-Banana's birthday party!

Movie theater theme

handmade decorations

fun goody bags

movie star dogs

(one of which has Lymes disease and wasn't in the party mood :(   poor puppy)

lots of popcorn and candy

Banana wanted a very small party with her closest friends

puppies drinking soda

a beautiful BEAUTIFUL blessing prayer by Banana's friends

puppy love

improv acting......

movie quote guessing

red carpet walking

fashion shows

silly giggling girls

dad-bouncer included

but watch out!

unhappy movie star

best friends


Susie said...

Oh wow, what a great birthday party! Hannah looks beautiful and so happy :-)

Mollie Beach said...

Happy Birthday Hannah:) You've grown up so quickly! Love You<3