Saturday, March 3, 2012

Aquarium - Part Two

The scary big eel that even Mrs. Phillips stayed away from.

Very wet hugs for Emily!!

The aquarium staff is great about interacting with the kids - they point out so many things that we miss and really know how to engage an audience. 

My Punkin LOVES sloths.  She wasn't able to join us because of choir practice so this picture is for her....

When Mrs. Philips wasn't in the water she was able to spend some time with the girls and teaching them about all the animals at the aquarium -- it was so neat to see how "pet-like" so many of them are and hear about the little things they do when they recognize their care-takers.  We learned how very friendly and intelligent an octopus is!

and of course my Banana loves the turtles...

watching the feedings in the sting-ray tanks.... absolutely fascinating!  Mrs Philips even tried to feed Boo some shrimp through the glass!

Calypso the giant sea turtle!

These pictures remind me of a friends blog who has a similar picture of her son with the caption
"Because childhood is full of wonder"

Thanks Mrs Phillips for an absolutely WONDERFUL day at the aquarium!


Caseybumpinalong said...

Great captures!!