Friday, March 23, 2012

More Florida Pictures

We had a great time walking around the shops in St Augustine since the weather wasn't the best for the beach.

Check out my little sweet dainty girly-girl that would LOVE to have a sword. HA!!  You can see my reflection in the window!

We found this touristy shop that sold little baby turtles.  My little turtle lover was in HEAVEN! Look at that face!  My wheels started turning.....

so while my niece and nephew had a little fun about the store..... I had a little chat with Daddy..... and we both decided it would be the perfect birthday present for Banana since her birthday was the next day and we hadn't even bought her a gift yet. 

So Daddy told her what her birthday gift would be.......  and I caught the sequence of her realization!

Say hello to Fred and George (lots more pictures to come of them in their new home!)

Happy Birthday Turtle Girl!

We met Papa and Grandma Marion for lunch in downtown St Augustine.

Pretty Casey

awwww - lovin on Austin....

Papa Vroom-Vroom with the grandkids

Heavy Boo?

catching a ride....

Hannah's little hotel-room-on-the-beach-birthday-celebration

and of course..... a turtle necklace from her cousins

No more cousins jumping on the bed!!!!


Unknown said...

Oh, those pictures of Hannah are beautiful, she looks so happy :-) Beautiful birthday wishes Hannah xxxx