Tuesday, September 7, 2010


All day I have had that Veggie Tales song stuck in my head "It was the first day in the fifth grade, first day in the fifth grade.....you could buy a zoo with all the doctor bills he paid!! " If you have heard it before - you know exactly what I'm talking about. And 'you're welcome' now that you will be singing it in the middle of the night too. Here is our traditional first day of school picture!
first day in the fifth grade.... first day in the fifth grade....
oops! Well, that's just too cute to correct. She could see the K right through the paper and from the back, it looked right to her.
I spared her the agony of holding her 10 for her mugshot.
Normally, we have a very kind friend who picks up Punkin every day for school. But we thought we would drive her ourselves the first day. It was so fun to see all the girls outside waiting to greet everyone as they came in - there were hugs all around!! I wish I had my camera with me. I love what a close-knit family-like community our little school is.
Then we went home, and it all went downhill from there. I spent probably nine months planning, scheduling, hours and hours and hours of researching curriculum to find the perfect fit. I think I had my hopes a little too high for our first day. I think the girls did too. I certainly wasn't unrealistic - I mean - all I was hoping for were eager little faces ready to learn. Thats all. Not so much to ask for, is it?? Lets just say that in the first hour, I think each one of us was in tears at some point. WHAT?? That was completely unexpected. Big girl was giving me "the look" with everything I said, and little girl would just melt into tears when I gave her the simplest request, like write your name. I'm not even kidding. The girl who can already write her name in cursive at age 4. I seriously thought about running down my street chasing down that big yellow school bus screaming "wait!!! wait!!!!!". Just kidding...kind of. It appears our very relaxed summer has done quite a number on the attitudes around here. It's like the frog sitting in the slowly heating kettle - you don't realize how bad it is until you are just about to get burned!! Good thing we have some great curriculum to work on those character traits.
After we all adjusted our attitudes a bit - things VASTLY improved.
I think the favorite subject this year will be history. It's very fun and very age appropriate for both of them at the same time. That's hard to do with 5th and K at the same time. Boo loves the maps.
The basis of this history curriculum is as if you are on a magic flying carpet flying over these historical events as they happen - it's very well written and it keeps them very engaged! Here is Banana flying her carpet over all the places we learned about today in history.
A big hit today with Boo were these Inchimals. What a great tool to help with math concepts.
More first day pictures on the way! The day got so much better after lunch!


Alice said...

we've had those days, too. not fun for sure. hang in there, i promise it will get better :). we won't get to start school until kali comes back home at thanksgiving - kind of missing it :(

Karen said...

Kiki may come for history class - sounds very cool! E looks very very proud to be holding that "K" in the line-up. And I just can't believe that there's a "10" in the line-up!!!! Glad you didn't chase down the bus (but it IS fun, especially in your robe, holding homework out the window :) and I'm sure it'll be a wonderful week!