Tuesday, September 7, 2010


After a therapeutic quick drive thru at Chick-Fil-A, we were refreshed and ready to tackle our afternoon work. We enjoyed our first Latin lesson (on DVD), did some more history, and then some very fun science!! We used this great science kit called Blast of Color. The girls absolutely loved it.
We learned about test tubes, what they do, and experimented with color mixing.
We learned about chemical reactions, and what really happens when we "dissolve" something. Boo thoroughly enjoyed the magnifying glass.
We made "jelly crystals" - see that little tiny crystal Banana is about to drop into the color solution? It can hold up to 300 times its weight in water. I forgot to get a picture of the 'after' of this little experiment, but it was very cool. It's actually the same ingredient they put in disposable baby diapers. Photobucket
This was the look on Banana's face when I announced to her that our next experiment would be to make SNOW!!
The looks on their faces says it all!!
This was a HUGE hit! Insta-Snow - A blizzard in a bowl!! They learned that they were "Simply using the natural process of osmosis to rehydrate tiny pieces of cross-linked sodium polyacrylate gel"!!! Either that or something like "This is so cool Mom!!!"
After reading a bit in our history about the Romans, Barbarians and the Roman ruins, we decided to create our own Roman columns and then be the barbarians that destroy them!! (We decided to fore-go the blue painted faces and the spiked up hair!!) Although there is a hatchet project in our near future!
Sugar cookie dough - sprinkled with cinnamon sugar to represent the sandy kind of look. Check out that Roman column!!
Banana the Barbarian!!!
Boo the Barbarian!!
Now off to get a good nights rest before we tackle day two.... hopefully without chasing down a school bus.


Carrie said...

You know, Heather, I don't think the blue faces and spiked hair would be the same in a home full of girls!! ;)

That science kit looks amazing!!! My boys would love that!!!

Alice said...

awesome! you get to have your columns, and eat them, too :)

Nana said...

How funny. Good to know that you have "bad" days in school too. haha
Not perfect. Looks like they had lots of fun though. So far our days have been good. But then we haven't made snow.

Jennie said...

Ok, my favorite thing about this blog is Emily's apron. How cute!

Abadi said...

Cool !
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