Saturday, September 25, 2010


Have you seen these gorgeous hurricanes from places like Pottery Barn or William Sonoma? The large ones can cost around $69. I discovered a great trick using Dollar Store items - that's right!! The place where everything is still ONE dollar!

I should have taken pictures before, during and after the craft - but it never occurred to me to blog about it until I saw the finished product. I think they turned out great. I made three of them, and they each cost me a total of three dollars! There are three pieces to buy and put together. The first part is the large hurricane itself. My dollar store had these in two sizes, the large one (which I got) that was fluted at the top, and then a medium sized one that had no fluting. Then you buy the base part - the glass taper-candle holders. You simply use Gorilla Glue to glue the hurricane onto the candle holder. The Dollar Store also had these white pillar candles encased in glass, which are perfect for setting right inside the hurricane. You can then fill in between the glass with whatever you like! I picked up some fake leaves at the Dollar Store too - along with some fun little plastic acorns. But you could use real leaves and acorns and I think that would look even better! You could use sand and sea shells. I plan on putting holly berries in them for Christmas.
By the way - these cute little pumpkins on the table came from the Dollar Store as well.
On this one you can see the little acorns. Oops - looks like my candle wasn't centered in the hurricane for this picture.
Very simple - very cheap - and very cute!!


{LyndsD} said...

Hi I'm new her... found your blog a couple weeks ago through Heart of the Matter Blog Hop. I LOVE your blog!!

This is a beautiful craft you did and I heart the dollar store!!! I think I may have to recreate this!! Thank you so much for sharing. I have been trying to think of something for my mantle. This could be perfect. Beautiful job!

Wendy said...


Judy said...


As I am visiting some blogs today, I came across yours. Very beautiful photography and blog. Feel free to visit my devotional writing blog where I just began to meld my photography with my writing. Thank you.


Carrie said...

It looks great!!! ;)

I have a hurricane and have sand and sea shells (from our beach trips) around the candle, too ... love it!! Love the fall idea ... and holly berries, too!

"FAITH" said...

Great Idea, it looks beautiful. I love the dollar store.

Miu said...

I love your decorations!

April said...

Love this!!!! Thanks for sharing. I've got to go visit my local dollar store:)

Kimberly said...

Heather! I have a set of these and I love them. (Wish I would have known about the dollar store idea!) These are my kids' favorite seasonal thing! Each season I allow myself $5 to fill them. I always use the same white candles. We use candy corn and leaves in the fall, sand and shells in the summer, jelly beans in the spring and cinnamon, cloves and coffee beans with berries or peppermints for winter!

Nana said...

Very pretty and very creative. You have been being quite creative lately.

Karen said...

Great idea! Love all of your fall decorations (I copied your 3-pumpkin thing and it's on my mantle). One of my faves for the hurricanes is to use candy corn in the fall and peppermints during Christmas. And I really like the candle already encased in glass - gotta get a few of those!

Theresa said... can't do these crafty things and not call me and tell me about them...I am so jealous...just added dollar store on my "to do" list. Oh and by the way..who will be helping who with Christmas decorating? you are becoming very crafty my friend..looks great..lets get together soon