Sunday, November 8, 2009


May I introduce to you - (though most of you who read my blog already know them) - some of our best friends - the Beach Family!
We have known this family pretty much ever since we moved here from FL ten years ago, but have only become really great friends in the past few years.
Have you ever had a friend that you just KNOW that God placed directly in your life path just exactly when you needed her? This lady is a very special gift of friendship to me.
Really, I don't know what I would do without her.
She is the picture of a Proverbs 31 woman. "Strength and honor are her clothing", "She opens her mouth with wisdom". She is a paragon of virtue: trustworthy, industrious, organized, and loving. Her relationships and responsibilities are wisely balanced, and she is so much FUN! Even though we are close in age, I look up to this dear friend like a big sister. She is a prayer warrior like you have never met!! She is my partner in my homeschool journey, she is my cooking consultant (this woman can COOK!), my interior decorator, my fashion advisor, she is my sounding board, my spiritual guide, my tear-dryer, she is my prayer warrior. And she never fails to say something encouraging that convicts me to my core. She is one of those friends who makes you want to become a better person - and challenges you to do so! But what I love best of all about her, is she is real. Just plain, in your face, tell it like it is - REAL. And I love that!
And I love her kiddos. And my kiddos love her kiddos.
Guess which one is Mr. Personality?
He and Boo are quite the match!
She is as outwardly beautiful as she is inwardly wise.
Her oldest son is an incredibly talented pianist and composer. He is my girls' piano teacher. We are looking forward this weekend to his first full-scale, full-stage production in a local theater doing all of the piano music for "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". Yep, he takes charge of all those college kids and gets it done! Oh, and I should probably mention that him and my Punkin are....well.....friendly..... ever since the 5th grade. They make us very proud by being simply "friendly" when the world screams at them otherwise as high-schoolers.


And of course, my Punkin and "M" are besties! They are horse-loving, horse-riding, story-writing, camp-going, home-schooling, church-going, horse-show-going kindred spirits.

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They are Timeless and Treasured Friends!!

Thank you Stacey, for your wonderful gift of friendship. You are such a blessing to me.


maddie said...

awwwwww, i very much enjoyed reading this post. i love the Beaches!! Gosh, and they are all so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...
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Karen said...

Love seeing the pics of your close friends- what would we do in this world without them?? And tell Kirsten that she looks great in that cute beanie of a hat!!