Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's Papa G!! He came to enjoy "Grandparent's Day" at Boo's preschool. The girls are really enjoying having Papa all to themselves! He doesn't even have to share with Nana right now!
They have been enjoying lots of snuggle time together on the couch.
Watched some movies together - Papa LOVES TinkerBell, and is about to be introduced to our current favorite movie, "UP".
Lots of hugs and kisses....Photobucket
Treasured stolen moments with Papa and his pocket watch.
The girls enjoyed baking and decorating a cake for Papa's birthday - and of course Miss Boo gave specific instructions on the decorating of the cake - notice the big "G" - that MUST be green?
And of course we had to dress this Floridian in proper attire!
We love you Papa and are so excited you are here!


Nana said...

I am trying very hard not to be jealous that Papa is up there and I am not. I am really glad for hiim and the girls to have some time with him. Just wish he would have taken Daisey with him. She is a pain without him.
Have a great time. Be sure you girls don't give him all your love. You must save some for me when you get here. I love you guys. And ROLL TIDE!

Karen said...

Love the overalls and pocketwatch - very sweet. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time with him!

I'm trying to figure out what that A on Kirsten's shirt stands for - apple, accordian, art, appetizer- hmmmm? Apparently, Aunt Kiki needs to send her some new attire.

Have fun!

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Believe it or not - we found a Gator sweatshirt in our Kohl's, and I ALMOST bought it for Kirsten, but decided I would rather her go without than to listen to Richard gripe about it every time she put it on!! Even though he DID consent to the purchase. I knew better.