Sunday, November 1, 2009


Can you guess who Maddie is dressed up as????

Here is a hint - can you guess who I am dressed up as??
Okay - I win the Brave Blogger Award today for posting a picture of myself looking like that (notice all my freckles??) And this costume is NOT an exaggeration. This is the daily attire of my favorite teenager (well other than my OWN teenager of course). And I think I made my point quite clear when she took one look at me and said "You look ridiculous". We had a great time being 'each other' for the evening... she took lots of pictures, constantly doled out hand sanitizer to anyone in reach, handed out dental floss when the need arose, put a hairbow on anyone who would tolerate one, and gave all those who deserved one an "Aunt Steen look" as you can see above. And I had fun walking around with my nose in a book (ridiculously dressed), over-exagerrating any emotion possible with as much dramatic flair as humanly possible, using larger-than-life words and labelling them all "Vocabulous!", and changing my clothes whenever the comfort level called to do so (because every girl should have big baggy t-shirts and dad's shorts in her purse at all times!)
A couple of group shots with part of our crew in each one!
Our four-legged friends were terribly excited about their costumes!
This was my favorite puppy of the night!! I think there will be face paint on every item in my house for a very long time to come.... her little black nose was almost gone before we ever left the house! I wasn't able to get many pictures of the evening because we were having entirely too much fun! Miss Boo decided she needed fairy wings to complement her dalmation costume, so she was a flying dog. Very fun. But no picture. We had lots of great food including the traditional "mummy dogs" and some very yummy tortilla soup from Big Mama's blog.
Here is a picture where you can see her wings!
Heading out to gather ENTIRELY too much candy.....
Geisha Girl and Pirate guy were quite the couple playing our favorite Amish card game!
And a special message from Miss Boo........
Did she scare you??
Hope your Halloween was as much fun as ours was!!


maddie said...

Omgoodness these are amaaazzinnnggg, hahaha that picture of you and me turned out great, you would defenitly win the award of"best maddie impersonator"! I love the picture of Emilyyyy, and i am honored to have made so many pictures on you blog. This was a super fun night!!

Unknown said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Love the costumes!