Wednesday, September 9, 2009


During Punkin's breaks from school work, she has decided to train the dogs on an agility course in the backyard. I took these pictures today - cracks me up with his ears flying!!

"I believe I can FLY!!!!" (love the look on Brody's face in the background!)

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Nana said...

I love these pictures. I love Brody looking on like You want me to fly next? I love the flying ears. They are such cute dogs.

Alice said...

heather - i love these! i can't believe she's actually getting them to jump the stick - awesome! can you rent her out to me for awhile so we can teach this puppy that he's supposed to go pottie outdoors - not go play outdoors, then come inside and pottie in his crate? lol! good job :)

Karen said...

O my gosh - these are so cute! Their expressions tell it all!

Whitney said...

Very cute photos :) You have adorable boys!!