Thursday, September 17, 2009


It was a big day today - my last baby girl went off to preschool! Today was transition day so I got to join her for the day (and takes lots of pictures!) - this post is picture-heavy, sorry but there is so much I want to share about her big day!
Finding her name to hang her jacket.
Waiting for all her friends to arrive.
Circle time! Her day starts with Miss Denise at circle time - a prayer to start our day right.
Her first art project at preschool!
Making new friends...
So many new toys to discover....
and new books to read....
making her daddy proud...
learning how to get in a line
and quietly walk through the halls.
Her preschool bucket. At our preschool, instead of backpacks, the kids take buckets to bring home their things, including art work that might still be wet. Banana had the same wonderful teacher, Miss Denise when she was in preschool at our amazing classical christian school. Banana carried her bucket for two full years, pre-k 3 and pre-k 4. Every day when they leave, they get a sticker on their bucket. Banana's bucket is tucked away in the top of her closet, completely covered with two years worth of stickers. Our plan is to fill it with cleaning supplies to give to her when she moves out of our little nest. It brings tears to my eyes to see Boo's brand new bucket awaiting all those stickers that are on the way - and to think one day she will use this bucket when she is all grown up!!
Walking with Miss Denise as the "line leader" - what a big day!
How did you like preschool Boo?? Two thumbs up!!


Heather O'Steen Photography said...

So glad to see Boo had a wonderful first day and I love that you were able to be there to capture it on film.

Mr. Timeless and Treasured

Nana said...

Precious pictures. She just keeps getting cuter. I LOVE her long hair. Looks like she is having fun at pre-school. I definitely think pre-school is good for painting. I think I need to find an art class for our little guy.
Way to go Boo! Have fun. Love you,

Alice said...

how precious! sounds like a wonderful school and it's great you already know her teacher and know some of the great things she will be doing and learning :).

Jennie said...

OOOOOOOOh I miss her so much. Have to see ya'll soon. Tell her Aunt Jennie is so proud of her.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like she is having lots of fun learning and "getting Socialized"! She's getting so big -can't wait to see everyone soon!

Wendy said...

Yeah Boo! It looks like she had an amazing first day of preschool--busy, busy, busy :o)! That's how my days are at preschool too! There's so much to share and just not enough time to finish everything. It's all wonderful and it's hard to pick and choose the most important things. And, how wonderful that you already know Miss Denise! Here's to a WONDERFUL preschool year Emily!

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

I was thinking of you at preschool Wendy! You are surely a most wonderful preschool teacher!! I wish you lived closer. Here's to a WONDERFUL preschool year for Miss Wendy!!

Stephanie - that made me giggle about the "socialization". I used to worry about that with homeschooling but I'm finding that my kids are better "socialized" out of school than in school! Being able to socialize with people of all ages, in all situations, not in the middle of math class! But you're right, Boo is there so that she can learn how to get along with others, share toys, take turns...all things she hasn't had to deal with too much being the baby of the family. She also needs to know she can have friends her own age, not just 14-year-old friends!! :)