Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's that time of year again!! College football!! Daddy and Boo have a very special bond over Alabama football. I think she just may be the sports-loving son he never had! She gets just as excited as he does about it! (Sorry, but I just can't, I have tried and tried). She is the third kid in the this family who will grow up seriously thinking that the elephant says "ROLL TIDE"!!!! Daddy bought the entire family some great Alabama sweatshirts, and he even got matching jersies for him and Boo!! First game tonight - time to make the cheese dip!

The "after playing football with Daddy" look.
Could that be just a hint of admiration in her eyes??
A happy Daddy with his Roll-Tide girls. Now, let's hope they win tonight....

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Nana said...

Now these are just the cutest pictures ever. I love Emily's long blond hair. With such beautiful fans Alabama just has to win tonight. I know Richard is proud of his "Bama" girls.

maddie said...

These are amazing, i remember you guys looking at these outfits online! Well i love the matching jerseys(so cute), gracious goodness Emily looks so old in these photots! I love her hair long.

Nana said...

Gary had boiled peanuts while watching the game. He went to bed at 11 o'clock and is missing the best part of the game. I LOVE college football. And I do like the Gators but not more than Alabama. Tanek also thinks the elephant says Roll Tide. I believe when we saw the elephants at Aniaml Kingdom they were saying ROll TIde. How can you NOT get excited about college football?

Karen said...

I have no comment on those red shirts, HOWEVER, these pics are so cute and I love Emily's long blonde hair!

"Go Gators"!

MegganB said...

Too. Sweet. Love the third one - Boo's expression is totally perfect - she loves her daddy! :)

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