Wednesday, November 5, 2008


If you read my blog often, you will remember back in September when I received these tiny rocks in the mail, which you can read about here at PRICELESS GIFT. Recently, my grandmother had to be put into a nursing home, and as my mom was cleaning and sorting through my grandmother's apartment, she came across this tiny bottle in my grandma's medicine cabinet. She immediately thought of my tiny rocks and how perfect it would be for them. So now my priceless rocks have a permanent home on my kitchen window sill. They are even more precious to me now that a part of my childhood, a dear friend and her mother, and my mom and grandmother are all wrapped into this little bottle of rocks.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how special, Heather. May they both remind you of all the little memories that add up to the great love between you, and The Great Love of your heart.

Florida Girl said...

Of course I am teary eyed again . . . they are even more beautiful in that priceless bottle. God is so wonderful to tie all of those warm memories into one glance for you each day. I love Him even more for the details He cares so much about in our lives. I have so many sweet memories tied to the area where those rocks were in our yard.

Jennie said...

The first time Grandma showed me this bottle, it had some beads in it from a necklace that Uncle Bill gave her. She said it was the last thing he ever gave her. I restrung the beads and added some new ones to maker her a new necklace. She wore it few times and I have the necklace now. She kept her treasures in it and you're keeping yours in it.

C. Julius said...

Sweet symbols you will always cherish! Use them as a reminder to spend each day as if it is your last!!! Love every moment!