Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I think these past few days are officially marking the end of the peak colors of the leaves - they are falling so quickly. The trees are starting to get that bare winter look about them. I had a great time with this family (actually three brothers and their families) on Sunday. It was much like herding cats to get so many little ones all smiling or at least not making silly faces at the same time!! But we had seven adults performing all kinds of funny dances, antics, tricks and bribery and I think it all just might have paid off!! You can enjoy the slideshow by entering the code "ella" HERE.

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Florida Girl said...

The last of the leaves . . . I am looking out my little window here in the bedroom and I have a total of seven leaves that look diseased more than anything--but far, far from those gorgeous leaves I see in your gorgeous photos. I know Florida has its perks but spectacluar leaves are not one of them. Sigh.