Thursday, November 6, 2008


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Today, I had a great time with these two little guys. Big brother is a 2-year-old bundle of fun!! He is one of the most polite toddlers I have ever met. He said "Thank you" anytime anyone did anything!! And if me or mom happened to say thank-you - then we would hear a hearty "You're welcome!!" We had lots of fun talking about his favorite characters from the movie Cars. He is a very good big brother to the most perfectly behaved one month old on the planet. Baby A was an absolute dream!! He fell asleep and we could pose him however we liked, just like a little baby doll. These guys were so much fun to work with. You can see the rest of their pictures by entering the code "jen" HERE.

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Florida Girl said...

These little boys are so precious. Little boys are so special--especially brothers. They look like they are at the perfect ages to become good friends as they grow.

Your skills amaze me. :) Keep it up.

Tessa said...

WOW WOW WOW, love them ALL. The one with the yellow hat is perfection.

Karen said...

Little boys are soooo precious. I love the pics with the black surround.