Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today has been so pleasant. No rushing around (except for the 9:30 ortho appt). We all enjoyed cooking together at lunchtime. After Kirsten got her lower braces on (again), she wanted some potato soup, so we made it from scratch. It was so fun for all four of us to be cooking together. We talked about what it would be like 20 years from now with all of us cooking in the kitchen together on Thanksgiving with all of their own children running around. Then while Boo took her nap we all had some quiet reading time and then some chocolate chip cookie making (again from scratch). Those of you who know me will be shocked that we cooked two things today! This afternoon there was a perfect summer afternoon thunderstorm (not in Kirsten's opinion), it was so refreshing. After it passed, the girls had a grand time jumping in the puddles outside and exploring all the worms and frogs everywhere. These are the days of summer that I long for. When I dream of summer in the middle of winter, it's these days that come to mind. The simple unhurried pleasures of summer.

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