Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, it's officially here. Today is the very last day that I can say I have three "children". Tomorrow I will officially have a teenager. As we were sitting in church this morning, Kirsten plopped her arm in my lap as she does every Sunday and looks at me with those puppy dog eyes that are asking "please scratch my arm??" As I gave her the normal "look", she leans over and whispers, "It's the very last time you can scratch my arm before I'm a teenager". Then it hit me. Not only can our daughter manipulate me very well into getting what she wants, but her childhood days are coming to a screeching halt. Yeah, I know it's a slow process, ya-da, ya-da, but somehow today feels like the very last day of her being a kid. I admit I am very excited about everything that lies ahead (and also pretty scared), but I'm so sad to know that she is beginning a new chapter in her life.

We had fun at lunch today talking (over Mexican food!) about the day she was born and what we were doing exactly 13 years ago at that very moment. We were cracking up remembering that Papa G was home alone with me while we were waiting for Richard to come home from work and Nana and her friend Jean to arrive so that we could all go to dinner. After having discovered that my water broke (with no other signs of labor), I said to Papa "My water broke!". I'll never forget Papa's face. He stood up from his place on the couch. Then he sat down again. Then he stood up again, then he sat back down and he said "Oh Lord".

I can't believe it has already been 13 years. I am so proud of our first little girl. She is such a beautiful, intelligent, passionate little lady. She loves animals like they were people and she has the most unquenchable appetite for reading that I have ever known. She has the ability to bring incredible emotion to her writings. I think she even has the ability to communicate with horses!! I like to call her my little "horse whisperer". We call her Kirsten, our "writer rider". Even though Kirsten is turning 13, I love how she still loves to play. I hope she never loses the playful spirit she has. She loves to play - she can always be found outside in some kind of playful activity. She could care less about fashion and girly stuff (though it's very slowly starting to creep in). But if I had to choose my favorite thing about Kirsten, it would be how passionate she is about her love for God and she is not afraid to show it. I love how she likes to wear christian t-shirts and doesn't even think twice about it. I love how she likes to share God's love to the kids in the neighborhood. She even leaves messages of God's love in sidewalk chalk in the driveway.

So, here's to another birthday, number 13. I love you my little Punkin. The road ahead of you is full of dreams, adventures, heartache, and happiness - these are some of the best years of your life!! (And others will say some of the worst). Know that me and Dad are here for you forever and always. Happy Teenagehood. Happy Birthday. I love you to the moon and back and gazillion times. (squeeze, squeeze, squeeze).

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Nana said...

Ditto to everything you said. As our FIRST grand-child we are so proud of her. I can still remember that day and the joy we had waiting for her and after she was born. So many many special memories we have made. She is beautiful, smart, passionate and yes very strong willed. But those are the ones who seem to go the farthest (when they channel that in the right direction). I loved when she would call me and tell me she didn't want to go to pre-school and would I come take care of her. In 1 hour I was there and we would have SO much fun playing together. She made me a Nana and that is the best phase of life I have experienced yet. Thank you Kirsten, for making me a Nana. Keep your values as you head into the teen years. Yes they will be good and bad years, but God has BIG plans for your life. Nana and Papa are also always here for you,(unfortunately that is a long ways away from you now) but we are as close as the phone or email. We love you and are SOOOOO proud of our new teen-ager. Have a wonderful Birthday. You are as beautiful today as you were as a little girl and just as precious.
Love you bunches.
Nana & Papa
PS: How funny that Papa was the one with you when you went into labor. At least he was calm huh?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Heather, what a wonderful tribute. It's amazing how quickly they grow!

Karen said...

Where on earth does the time go? Auntie Karen wishes her lots of birthday love and kisses!

Florida Girl said...

Beautiful paragraphs about a VERY beautiful young woman. I understand all that you are feeling Heather. I am feeling it all too. Bitter sweet and exciting all at the same time. Sigh.

Happy Birthday Kirsten!

Hey Nana--who is that man that is kissing Kirsten with you in that picture above? He sure is handsome. :)

Jennie said...

As one lady at church put it yesterday, they are babies today and grown and gone tomorrow. Did you save any of those little outfits? I wish a I had saved more of Shea and Chelsea's little dresses. Love you Kirsten. Welcome to teenagerhood. You get more beautiful everyday.

Nana said...

It is hard to believe but just 13 years ago Papa had all that hair. He is pretty handsome with or without it.

Florida Girl said...

I agree. He's one of my very favorite guys at church. He's actually pretty close behind my Daddy. I can always count on him for a real smile. It means more than he knows.

C. Julius said...

What an amazing mom you have grown up to be. Good Luck and lots of prayers through the teenage years.