Saturday, July 19, 2008


It was a big day for my little boys. They graduated from puppy kindergarten!! We have been working so hard on their training, and they are doing so well. We can now say that they have offically mastered knowing their names (that was actually tricky with two dogs), housebreaking, coming when called, sitting, staying (finally!), lying down, settling, not jumping up when greeted (mmmm- debateable), loose leash walking, and they are even starting to roll-over! We are so proud of them and we had so much fun at training classes. We attended classes at our local PetSmart which was actually a brand-new store. Our class was the very first graduating class at that store, so the boys' picture will be on the wall of the store for as long as the store is open!! Isn't that exciting? They got to wear their little graduation caps and have a little parade around the store while they made the announcement. We even played a great game of hide and seek in the store to reinforce "come when called". The Pet Parent (that would be me), would go and hide somewhere in the store, the trainer would start each puppy at the front door and we would then start calling for our puppy - the puppies would take off following our voices and would always find us in record time!! We even stepped it up a notch and we would continually run and try to "keep away" from the puppies, but they were always faster than we were and found us very quickly!! The boys received new toys after graduation today - Emily is holding them in the picture, they are the "PetSmart" loofa dog that you see in all the commercials, but they are dressed in a graduation cap and gown and have a fun squeaker inside! We will be attending the intermediate classes in a few weeks - stay tuned!!

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C. Julius said...

How adorable! I'm sure it is hard training two. Keep up the good work and Happy Graduation!

Nana said...

Congrats Baily and Brody. They don't look too impressed with all they have accomplished. But the sure look cute in their graduation hats.