Saturday, February 2, 2008


The Winter Formal last night was a huge success! Everyone had a great time. My new Speedlites proved to be a great investment. I'm now sifting through hundreds of pictures... it's so much fun! :)


Nana said...

anxiously awaiting more pictures of my beautiful granddaughter.

Wife and Mom said...

Heather, everything looks amazing and they certainly selected the right photographer for the event. I looked at everything and not only are the pictures technically great but you captured the heart and real fun and innocence of the event. I felt like I have been there from start to finish when I looked through everything. Great job as usual. Daddy/Daughter event, here you come! Now . . . there has got to be some story that occured through the evening that was an unplanned "blessing/challenge" for you to learn from . . . Any at all? Probably not for you . . . those gifts usually are reserved for me. =)