Thursday, February 7, 2008


Today was one of those days. I had a gazillion things to do this morning. I felt like I was going non-stop at 100 mph. After getting everyone delivered to where they needed to be, the van loaded down with groceries and such, several calls on the cell phone, I finally stopped, and listened. It was the most precious thing I had ever heard. Emily was buckled into her car seat watching a Veggie Tales Sing-Along DVD with her little headphones on, and she was just singing away. Of course, she is only two, so she was singing pretty much every other word. But, the words that were coming out were so very precious. It was such a nice reminder to 1) slow down and realize what a precious time this is, and to savor every minute of it and 2) that it matters so much what is going into my kids ears, eyes, heads, and hearts. What better thing could she be singing about at such an early age? The song was "My Day" as sung by Junior Asparagus. For those of you who haven't heard Junior Asparagus sing, he has the cutest little tiny kid voice ever. (Almost as cute as Emily's). The song is all about how hard he tries to be good all day but he messes up, and God loves him anyway. What a great reminder of God's amazing grace that he so freely gives. For big kids (that would be us), and little kids, and especially two-year-olds! This song is just so very fitting for Emily. I know she tries really hard, but she has lots of trouble remembering to be good. This song helps me remember to show her the grace that her heavenly Father shows her every day. Read the words to the song, and you just might get a little misty-eyed!
(Or am I the only one who gets choked up listening to Veggie-Tales? Probably.)My Day As sung by: “Junior Asparagus”

In my bed I start to pray And tell God all about my day
I woke up in my little bed And put my hat upon my head
Cleaned my room And cleared my dishes
Told mom breakfast was delicious
I went to school, learned something new
And tried to follow every rule
I studied my vocabulary Had some fun with Bob and Larry

And so it’s good to know How much you love me
It’s true, the bible says you do You really love me
Your love was with me all throughout my day

I somehow overlooked my bed It seems my dog is underfed
Forgot to change my underclothes Watched one too many T.V. shows
I had some trouble sharing toys And during rest time, made some noise
The walls are not for coloring Sometimes I’m off-key, when I sing
And so it’s really good to know How much you love me
It’s true, the bible says you do You really love me
Your love was with me all throughout my day
In my bed so quietly I rest in knowing: God loves me!


Nana said...

This is precious. Emily (of course) is very precious. Glad she likes veggie tales. I remember allthe happy memories Kirsten and I made with veggie tales.

Wife and Mom said...

enjoyed this post--needed it.