Saturday, July 30, 2016

Doodle Your Day - A Timberdoodle Review

 Have you heard about how important doodling can be for your kids?  Not only does doodling help kids stay focused - such as during read aloud time, but it also helps them retain facts and comprehend new concepts.  Timberdoodle sent us Doodle Your Day for a review and it has been lots of fun!

 I've noticed as my kids get older, they have a little trouble coming up with ideas on their own when it comes to creating, art, or doodling.  Doodle Your Day is a great way to get their brains thinking and drawing things they would never have thought to on their own.  This book combines journaling, art, and even the occasional thing to cut out and paste, or find around the house and include in the book - such as "find an old key and attach it here, then draw what you wish it could open".  So fun and creative!  There is a spot for every day of the year - so doodling can be a daily activity.  Boo has been having fun with it this summer, but I also plan to have it be part of her daily homeschool plans.  

 Bentley, the worlds cutest dog is looking forward to seeing himself sketched in the spot for National Pet Day. 
 Doodle Your Day has think high quality thick pages that will be able to handle markers, glue and whatever Boo decides to add in! 

 There are a few repeating pages such as, "What I ate for lunch today" and "Today I learned something new".  Boo quickly stated she hadn't learned anything yet today - and then remembered seeing and being full of wonder at a HUGE leaf colored moth on our front door this morning.  It was brown and yellow just like all the other dead leaves all around it. All the neighbor girls had run over to investigate it.  After the prompt our Doodle Your Day journal gave us - we decided to google it and find out more about it.  We discovered it was called an Imperial moth and is found in the eastern US.  Thanks to our journal, we had a learning opportunity and after Boo wrote about it and sketched it I think she will remember it much better than just seeing it with her friends. 

Doodle Your Day is going to be a fun addition to our daily activities and will most likely be something Boo will treasure forever - an illustrated personal keepsake of her entire fifth grade year!  You can purchase Doodle Your Day separately or as part of Timberdoodle's Sixth Grade Curriculum Kit. 

I was sent this product to review as a member of Timberdoodle's blog team.  All opinions are strictly my own. 


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Great review. Love all the pics. 👏👍

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