Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Horseback Riding

 It's been such a fun summer having Punkin home - it's been years since she was home for the summer instead of working at horse camps.  She is doing a Marketing Internship instead so she has been teaching riding lessons in the evenings.  Boo has fallen in love with the horse world this year!  She has grown up around horses but never really had formal lessons until this summer with her big sister.  She is in LOVE.  It's been so nice for her and Punkin to share a common love - and Punkin is an EXCELLENT instructor!  She has been riding with another homeschool friend Esther which has been so nice! 

 Baby decided he's not a barn dog. Though he did earn his dog card by chasing a cat up a tree! 

Open your eyes BOO!!!
 Ha-ha! This picture cracks me up!  She held on though!

Boo spent some time behind the lens - I think she has a great eye! 

 Punkin has also been teaching our friends, the VanBemmel kids - I just adore the look of sheer joy on little K's face!!