Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Timberdoodle Review - Aquarelle Monet

 Here is yet another great product from Timberdoodle - Aquarelle Monet!  It is a watercolor paint set that really does make using watercolors easy. 
 It comes with three pictures, high quality washable liquid-watercolor paints, a double ended paintbrush, a mixing pallette and a mixing guide.  The mixing guide was very helpful in creating the proper colors.  This Monet set was a great follow up to our art study of Monet this past year in fourth grade.  Aquarelle Monet also just happens to be part of Timberdoodle's Fourth Grade curriculum kit. 
 You can see in the picture above the wax barriers that make up the picture, using the water resist technique.  
 Using the mixing guide, you simply use certain amounts of drops of the watercolor paint to choose your color.  It was a great art lesson in understanding color mixing. 
 Bentley, the worlds cutest dog who thinks he's a cat, always participates in any Timberdoodle review.  He has to test out all boxes and cases for comfort factor.  He always gives us a two paws up review. 
 It's amazing to think that all the colors we used came from just these five colors!

 They aren't kidding when they say "watercolours made easy"! 

 You can see in the picture above how the paint resists the wax and makes the painting come to life. 

The final result - I did the Japanese Footbridge, Banana did the Lilly Pad painting on the bottom and Boo did the Lilly Pad painting at the top! 

We loved that it was quick and easy to set up and go, the kit and all supplies were great quality.  The pipette for mixing in water wasn't great, but Timberdoodle includes their own better quality pipette which worked perfectly - thanks Timberdoodle!  I was a bit worried that such a small amount of paint would not complete all three paintings, but there was way more than enough in the end so the girls will be able to make up their own watercolor paintings in the future. 

I was sent this product to review as a member of Timberdoodle's blog team.  All opinions are strictly my own.