Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Toy Organization

While we are focusing on our Kid's Rooms Organization this week, I thought I would share with you how I organize our toys.  Since our bedrooms are very small, we keep most of Boo's toys in the basement.  We love this Expedit shelf from Ikea. We have had it for years, and I've heard they no longer make it, but they do make something very similar. 
 The  black bins on the bottom half came from Ikea and fit perfectly.  I use sticky chalkboard labels to  label what goes in each bin - which is a serious life saver when it comes to clean up time.  The blue and green containers came from the Dollar Store.  Does it bother any of you OCD'rs out there that they aren't symmetrical - haha?  I do have another green one somewhere - they used to be four and four.  Somehow Boo ended up with a kitchen container full of stuffed bears, so that's what happens to be on that other shelf right now!   Our Fisher-Price Sweet Streets collection lives on the top - these have been one of those classic toys that my girls have all played with - money well spent!  Boo's favorite Melissa & Doug wooden castle is up there too.

Here's a tip for your Lego storage.  Our Lego collection is VERY small compared to most kids I know.  Boo likes them, but isn't completely crazy over them so she only has the Lego Friends collection for girls.  She goes through times of having them all put together and set out like a little small town.  But lately they have been stored in one of the boxes, with all the directions in another box that we keep on another storage system (the craft desk - coming soon) which is in the same room.   Be sure to keep those little direction booklets so they can create again and again!

Happy Toy Organizing!

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