Saturday, February 7, 2015

Craft Desk Organization

For the last part of Week Five - Kids Rooms - we are talking about Craft Desk Organization.  While my kids' craft desk isn't in their bedrooms, it's still a crucial part of "their space" that needs serious attention when it comes to organization.  I'm not a super crafty person so I don't really use this space at all.  But my kids are constantly creating something.   I have tried plenty of ideas over the years and I think this just may be the one that is a perfect compromise for me and the kids. I have lots of before (eeeeek!) and after pictures for you - it always helps to inspire! 

First a little before and after.   While we did have some parts of the desk that seemed to be working, other parts were NOT.  I thought open containers would be a good idea since they could just easily drop things into the right place - yeah NOPE, they didn't do that.  Plus with the open baskets and containers it just looked messy and cluttered all the time since you could see all the art supplies.  As you can see - it just always ended up a disaster.  So armed with a picture of the desk so that I could see exactly what our needs were - I took a trip to Ikea and had my trusty sidekick along to help (thanks Theresa!).

Then Hannah-Banana and I put together what felt like five thousand and one Ikea cardboard storage boxes - we then attacked the DISASTER! 


It was as simple as laying out all the containers and organizing all the stuff into them! Scissors in one, paintbrushes in another - etc.


The reason I think this solution is a good compromise - is because the kids really don't have to keep things super organized before like they did with the open containers - all paints go into one big box instead of having different kinds of paints separated.  Same thing for markers, paintbrushes, etc.  A more simplified system where they can just toss things in.  PLUS it is all concealed so Mom is happy - a less cluttered look, more uniform, same colors, etc.  These boxes are very inexpensive and hold up really well - we have had some of them for almost ten years.  The kids still create a lot and still make a mess, but somehow clean up time is less overwhelming and easier to do - not that I don't still have to REMIND them to clean up - HA! 

Then they create sweet little things like this that make all that time organizing it for them 

Happy Organizing! 

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