Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Simple Sock Organization System

While we are organizing our bedrooms this week, I thought I would share with you my simple sock organization system that works really well.  It helps that four out of the five of us living in the house are all girls, and three of us share the same size socks.  Dad keeps his socks in his dresser as you saw before in the last Organizing your Bedroom post.  That leaves the rest of us girls with a big sock collection that we pretty much share.  
 Don't you just hate sock matching on laundry days?  It's one of my least favorite chores.  Doing a daily load of laundry with my daily cleaning system helps out quite a bit - I tend to have less trouble with mate-less socks now also.  If you haven't purged your sock collection in a while - you should do it!  I dumped out all the socks here on the floor.  Toss any socks that don't have a mate, any with holes, etc.  Then organize them into different categories.

 I simply divided all the socks into three categories - do whatever works for you, for us it was daily socks, sports socks, and school uniform socks.  I like to use chalk pen on my labels because it stays a lot better than regular chalk, I ordered mine from Amazon.  I picked up these chalkboard labels in the dollar section at Target.  They have some great little organizational items there. 

We keep this drawer unit right beside our mudroom that holds all of our girls socks.  It's super handy to have right by the door and right by the shoes. It's much easier after doing laundry to just dump all the clean socks in here than trying to sort them all out and divide them up into four different girls dressers.

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