Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Organizing the Bathroom - Week Four

Welcome to Week Four!! We are halfway through our eight week Organizing our Homes 2015.  This week we are focusing on our bathrooms.  

Bathrooms can get quickly out of control since it is a room we use quite a bit throughout the day, and plenty of clutter can accumulate with products, towels and dirty laundry.  This is one of the rooms that REALLY appreciates that weekly cleaning routine that I shared with you a few weeks ago.  Sometimes I even find that the bathrooms need quite a bit more attention than just once a week.

 Containerizing is crucial in the bathroom!  First you need to go through all the cabinets, drawers and other locations where items are stored and get rid of anything that hasn't been used in a year, or that isn't absolutely necessary.  Consider storing your towels in a linen closet that may be close by so that you have under the counter space for toiletries and other items necessary in the bathroom.  We have an entire closet in the hallway devoted to towels and toilet paper storage.  Next, find some containers that work well for your space to store the things you need.  The above picture of the glass containers stores cotton balls and q-tips very well, and is also decorative at the same time. 
 Consider containing bath items in a basket to keep thing clean looking and clutter free. 
 I take a nightly bubble bath and have discovered how very handy it is to have a basket of clean wash cloths handy - plus I think it looks pretty too! 

 A pretty storage box on the back of the toilet is handy to keep personal items close at hand, but also a pretty way to keep it all hidden and clutter free. 
 Look for cute and inexpensive hand soaps and lotions at discount stores that can really spruce up an otherwise dull area.  Places like Homegoods usually have these at a price not much more than a bottle of hand soap at big chain discount stores.

 Don't forget to hang something on the walls to create interest.  I love inspirational words - especially first thing in the morning! 
 This little basket of bathroom cleaning items has been my number one key to success in keeping my bathrooms clean on a daily/weekly basis.  If everything I need to do a quick clean is right there at my fingertips, I am MUCH more likely to wipe down the counters real quick, give the tub a quick clean or whatever else may need doing.  I keep a basket under the counter in each bathroom.

A secret to keeping clean toilets everyday is to have a toilet brush and holder filled with cleaning solution right beside each toilet in the house.  It literally takes 15 seconds to swish the toilet clean when it needs attention.   I keep mine filled with Pine-sol and water that I change out every couple of weeks. 

 You know those moments when you suddenly discover you have run out of toilet paper in the bathroom at the most inopportune times??   Keep a toilet paper holder (or paper towel holder like mine) right beside the toilet and keep it well stocked.  Once a week I walk around the house to each bathroom and refill them all.
 I've found a new system to keep the mountain of dirty towels under control.  I have these four towels (pictured below) that belong exclusively to me.   Mr. Timeless and Treasured has his own stock as well.  

 In the kids bathroom, I found a new approach to the mounds of wet towels I used to find on the floor every day.  Anyone - anyone?? Again, a simple label works wonders in the bathroom too.  I went and bought five towels for my three kids in a color that matches their bathroom.  If you are anything like me, seeing six different colored towels scattered around the bathroom is not a pleasant look.    Each kid has their own hook so they know whose towel is whose.  With teenage girls in the house, they usually want another towel to wrap their wet hair in.  Having the extra two hanging there for that reason, and also for hand washing, etc works well. (Plus one girl is usually away at college).  I simply gather them all up every few days, run them through the laundry and hang them up again.  I can't believe it has actually worked.  I don't find thousands of towels in there anymore like it used to.  This is magic people - try it! 

 Back in the master bathroom - finding an organizer that can keep all of your daily used items in one place is also a lifesaver in keeping all the clutter at bay (dental floss anyone?). I simply pull this out in the morning or evening as needed, and then put it right back away under the sink. For those of you who have drawers in your bathroom - I envy you.  Drawers in a bathroom would make life so much easier.  I will never buy another house without bathroom drawers. 
 I keep the hairbrushes in a simple over the cabinet door container on the inside of the cabinet. 
 Other items are easily contained in whatever you have handy.  It really makes a difference in keeping things tidy and also being able to locate what you need more easily.

Then - relax and take a bubble bath! You have earned it.  

Happy Organizing! 

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Seher | Simply in Control said...

Wow, you've done a great job with your bathroom! There's definitely a relaxing, spa like feeling. So glad I found you through ABFOL's link party. Off to check out your other posts :)

Melanie said...

What a soothing bathroom! And some great ideas here as well - I'd never thought of filling my toilet brush holder with a disinfectant/water mix (I have the same holder as you!) so will definitely give that a go. Thanks so much for your ideas, I'm going to check out the rest of the series, too.

K. Vaizer said...

Love the glass jars! Where can I purchase them?

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

I found the glass jars at Kirklands.

K. Vaizer said...

Found them, thank you!

Unknown said...

Beautiful work on the reorganization of your bathroom! I must find out where you bought such gorgeous glass containers, for they are very unique. I really love the idea of a towel basket as well. Your idea to house your shower products in the same way has really inspired me to make similar changes within my own bathroom as well.

Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Hi Essie! The glass jars came from Kirklands.

Wilfred Andrews said...

We recently had our bathroom renovated and I am so glad that we did. Our local plumber did a fantastic job of installing a new bath and double sink, along with a shower. I really do need to get on top of cleaning it though and your storage tips are such a great idea. I'll be sure to use them.

Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating