Monday, April 25, 2011

St Augustine Beach

St Augustine Beach is a great place for little kids.  The water stays shallow for a really long time, with a nice wide sand packed beach.  We spent the entire day here on Monday with my mom (Gaga),  Richard's mom (Nana), my sister in law Stephanie and her son Tanek, two of my sisters Karen and Beth, niece Casey, and of course my girls and Dellynne.  The weather was perfect.

This is my mom, my two sisters and Miss Boo.

Boo and Casey

This has become a traditional photo at this beach - last time we did this picture we were bundled up in winter clothes over two years ago!

Dellynne sitting so comfortably in a collapsed beach chair.  This was just after Stephanie performed minor beach surgery on Dellynne's foot that she had sliced open on some rocks in the ocean - Stephanie took great care of that wound all week.

But you just can't keep that girl down.  Nothing stops her.  She was right back to climbing rocks in a matter of hours.

After a full day at the beach, we had a wonderful dinner at Barnacle Bills where we all enjoyed some "ocean food" as Boo calls it.

Then we sadly had to say goodbye to my sister and Casey.....

Me and two of my sisters... (Jennie - where are you??? Don't worry I saw her the next day).

my mom and three of her girls...

And a beautiful sunset driving home over the bridge in Palatka, FL.  On the way, we listened to Dellynne recite almost every word to Mary Poppins as the girls watched the movie - she certainly knew every word to every song.   I decided she is our very own personal Mary Poppins. (She even owns the outfit). 


Karen said...

(insert lots of whining) I Wanna Be Back There!!!!

Jgaga7 said...

And your fat mom will never wear a T shirt like that again when you girls have cameras--

Jgaga7 said...

The rest of you are all gorgeous though and I love and miss all of you.