Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Punkin played a part in our school play Cyrano this past weekend.  She was a Cadet of Gascoyne.   Cyrano was played by our best guy Doug!!  HE. WAS. INCREDIBLE.   Incredibly unbelievable.  He must have had 5 million lines and he pulled every one of them off perfectly!

My Punkin certainly has some of my British blood in her - she took to sword fighting/fencing quite well!

She makes a pretty handsome man!


Unknown said...

Oh WOW!! That looks amazing! Well done Punkin, and the rest of the cast xx

Anonymous said...

Haha. These pictures made me chuckle. Cyrano was such a fun play! And Doug surely did an incredible job. Love all of these. Especially the one where Doug is holding Briella's hand.. really creative shot. Love you Aunt Steen.

Loving Life said...

Would have loved to been there to see it.
Christian Woman

Alice said...

awesome! we have at least two duo teams presenting Cyrano as in interpretation in speech competition this year. pretty awesome! and your photos are wonderful!