Friday, March 25, 2011

A Rainbow Of My Own

Today I saw a rainbow.  It was so beautiful that I wanted to catch it for my very own.  I put on my raincoat and hat and ran outdoors.  Fast as the wind I ran.

But when I came to where the rainbow should have been, it wasn't there.  I thought, maybe some rainy day a rainbow will come and stay a while.  I'll be walking along slowly, and suddenly I'll hear a soft whirring sound like the wings of a bird.  I'll look around and see A RAINBOW FOLLOWING ME!

I'll know by the way it circles and whirls it wants to play.  So I'll hop over my rainbow and my rainbow will leap over me.  I'll climb up one side and slide down the other.  My rainbow will make a peacock fan for me to walk in front of and a hammock for me to swing in.

We'll play a game of hide-and-go-seek.  I'll shut my eyes and count to twenty, and then look all around.  If I were a rainbow, where would I hide? In a flower garden, of course! Rows of flowers look like a rainbow.

Suddenly the sun came out again from behind the rain clouds,

and my pretend rainbow disappeared the way real rainbows do.

But when I came back home, I saw something glowing inside the window of my room,

and when I ran indoors, there was a rainbow dancing on the wall!

 The sun was shining through the water in my goldfish bowl, and it made a rainbow just for me -

a rainbow of my very own!


Unknown said...

That's really lovely :-)

Nana said...

Boo, I love your rainbow and I love you. Nana

Alice said...

how sweet! i love your rainbow!

Caseybumpinalong said...

Very sweet! Great pics!

Autismland Penny said...

I love that you let her paint it on the window! What a great idea!