Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hannah's Snowflake Tea Party

Winter snowflake tea party
fun time with friends

sugar cubes

tea bags
snowflake stories

"I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made"
reminding each girl they are special and unique - just like snowflakes

tea cookies
party dresses

proper table manners

crystal snowflake collection
fairy dust

forever friends

snowflake crafts

snowflake stickers
glitter glue

catching marshmallow snowflakes on our tongues

snowflake scavenger hunts

timeless games of "telephone"

girly giggles
silly stories


Jgaga7 said...

I love it! So sweet. Snowflake theme was beautiful and so were the girls. Love you all.

Unknown said...

What a lovely idea! The party looks so beautiful xxx

Wendy said...

A wonderful idea--looks like lots of fun!

Joanne said...

Beautiful pictures and i love the pretty necklaces. They look like they had a lot of fun. Blessings, Joanne

Nana said...

Vwey sweet and pretty. I love Hannah and Em's hair. Looks like lots of fun and good memories made.

Nana said...

I just noticed the bird on Maddies arm. Is that one of Hannah's birds? At first I thought it wasn't real but it is isn't it?

Karen said...

The girls looked like they had a wonderful time - very sweet pics.

Jennie said...

Absolutely precious. The one with the close up of Hannah's curl and snowflake necklace is my fav.